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Release Date: 2020

Paul Allen’s recording studio, nestled along the shores of Mercer Island’s Lake Washington, had a big impact on the birth of Solvitur Ambulando.

When all is said and done, Gary Ballard and Chip Westerfield play the guitars, Jerry Merrill and Blake Padilla play keyboards, Ray Merrill is on drums and Lonnie Knechtel plays bass. Margaret Wilder and Kim Carson accompany Blake on background vocals.

The songs are unique. The inspiration for each of them is both personal and universal. 


Release Date: 2015

Local band, Memphis Rain needed a front man, a songwriter, an original music guy. Mike Mulder fit this need. Together, they jammed once a week practicing in a warehouse space that Mike managed. Eventually, they did some shows, just because they loved playing music.

As time went by, the band found its sound–Chip Westerfield as the producer, Brad Chrysler on keyboards, Dave Bulger on bass and harmonies, Mike Gallagher was our first drummer, followed by Scott Brown Davis (Scooter) and then Bill Whitaker. Eventually, Gary Ballard came up from Seattle every week. And, that’s when it got expensive and more serious.


Release Date: 2009

This was Mulder’s third solo album and second project with the late Larry Knechtel. They took a completely different approach to recording the tracks. The band was, for the most part, recorded live off the floor, all at once and in a group to capture a more comfortable and less mechanical vibe. It also made for less post-production, which simplified things.

The songs were written with Larry in mind. Mulder left room for many piano and B3 solos, solos, and it came off superbly. The Fender Rhodes on Burning City is a stand out for Mulder. Particularly, Fallen Angel, captured Larry’s imagination because he took off on his own when the song was formally over. With the band members in tow, and off the cuff, he hammered out an instrumental that was inspirational. Read more here.


Release Date: 2008

Meeting Chip Westerfield was a random thing. Mulder just picked up the phone book and started calling music people in Bellingham, asking if they knew of either a studio or a producer to contact. Within a few calls, it was highly recommended that he get hold of Chip at Bayside Studio right away.

At our first meeting, Chip listened to a batch of Mulder’s songs that had been recorded cheaply and on a cassette recorder—remember those? He listened intently to the tunes, and after no time at all saying “I think I have a band for you.” Read more here.


Release Date: 2005

This is Mulder’s first solo record. It represents a mix of genres This is Mulder’s first solo record. It represents a mix of genres.

Honey Pie was a throwback to the Jesus music that shaped Mulder early on. The song is sung from the point of view of David, Mulder’s step-daughter’s first boyfriend. Brooke was to take a ride with David on his crotch rocket one sunny afternoon. He pulled up to a house and Brooke hopped on behind him, ready to take off. At the same time, a car pulled up with a little boy in it who Brooke had been babysitting. She hopped off to spend a little time with the young boy and so David drove off. A few minutes later, David dropped his bike in an intersection, slid under an SUV which hadn’t noticed that he was still under the vehicle, and he was dragged down the street until he was barely recognizable. He died a few hours later at the hospital. Read more here.

Lifelong singer-songwriter and business builder, Mike Mulder has fire in his belly and mud on his boots. He believes in setting the stage for success and surrounding himself with the right talent to ensure it.

His music career was changed forever when he realized that he was the one indispensable person in the band because he can write songs. “I felt an artistic credibility. I can’t stop writing songs. I can’t stop my music.”

Mulder’s business career was strongly influenced by his relationship with his father. He is the founder of Nimbus Real Estate and a co-founder of Wildbird Charity which supports a backpack program for hungry school children, as well as an outreach program for the homeless in Whatcom County.


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