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Mike’s Story

Lifelong singer-songwriter and business builder, Mike Mulder has fire in his belly and mud on his boots. He believes in setting the stage for success and surrounding himself with the right talent to ensure it.

His music career began at the age of six when he insisted on having a real guitar instead of a plastic one. He was self-taught until he was 13 and wrote his first song at 14. Mulder spent most of his 20s traveling with his band playing primarily Christian-based music to a variety of audiences. One of his songs even ended up on the Johnny Carson show, “The Turkey Song.”

His music career was changed forever when he realized that he was the one indispensable person in the band because he can write songs. “I felt an artistic credibility. I can’t stop writing songs. I can’t stop my music.” He is known for not waiting for an audience…he just keeps writing. Regardless of what the audience says, he keeps going, and the audience always comes around.

Mulder’s music was revived in the early 2000s, when he recorded his album Human Nature with producer and drummer Phil Robertson of Vancouver, Canada. His next two albums, American Cave and Angel’s and Outlaws, were produced by Chip Westerfield and featured the late Larry Knechtel, Grammy winner and pianist extraordinaire. Recently, Mulder was offered an opportunity to record at Paul Allen’s studio on Mercer Island where he recorded his newest album, Solvitur Ambulando, also produced by Westerfield.

Mulder’s business career was strongly influenced by his relationship with his father, Gene Mulder, a self-taught businessman. Mike started as the low man on the totem pole doing everything from digging ditches to sweeping warehouses, as he helped his dad build out Grandview Industrial Park of Ferndale, Washington.

In 2008, an opportunity came along to buy a piece of land in Mt Vernon, Washington, and build it out as a subdivision. Due to the economic environment, he was the boots on the ground guy to make sure it all got done. Mulder took the real estate test and soon thereafter challenged the brokerage exam. This is what led him to start his real estate company, which is now known as Nimbus Real Estate.

In 2018, some friends had told him, “You have to go to Blaine.” Two weeks later he bought his first property and now owns five, all situated along the main drag in the charming Washington seaside border town, just south of Vancouver and the Canadian border. He is also a co-founder of Wildbird Charity which supports a backpack program for hungry school children, as well as an outreach program for the homeless in Whatcom County. Nimbus Real Estate and the Wildbird Boutique provide the funds to support these community projects.

Mulder has a Master of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia in English Literature and resides with his wife Deanna in Ferndale, Washington.

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