Mike Mulder’s Angels & Outlaws

About the Album

This was Mulder’s third solo album and second project with the late Larry Knechtel. They took a completely different approach to recording the tracks. The band was, for the most part, recorded live off the floor, all at once and in a group to capture a more comfortable and less mechanical vibe. It also made for less post-production, which simplified things.

The songs were written with Larry in mind. Mulder left room for many piano and B3 solos, solos, and it came off superbly. The Fender Rhodes on Burning City is a stand out for Mulder. Particularly, Fallen Angel, captured Larry’s imagination because he took off on his own when the song was formally over. With the band members in tow, and off the cuff, he hammered out an instrumental that was inspirational. The band sounded drunk because it was unrehearsed, but it came together nicely at the end, and even capture some of the banter between the guys and Larry. Sean, the drummer, can be heard commenting “I think Larry wants to rock.” To which Larry can be heard replying, “Yeah I do!”

The last song on the record is B Train. Mulder performed this song with the band at Larry’s funeral the following year. As a musician, Larry was an industry titan. His legacy was vast, with projects such as The Dixie Chicks, Elvis Costello, and Bread. Larry also received a Grammy for his piano work on Bridge Over Troubled Water, and he can be seen in a YouTube clip performing it with Vince Gill, when they honored him on network television.


Produced by Mike Mulder and Chip Westerfield. Recorded by Chip Westerfield at Bayside Recording, Bellingham, WA. Mike Mulder on vocals and acoustic guitar. Sean Westerfield on drums. Lonnie Knechtel on bass. Chip Westerfield on electric guitars and percussion. Gary Ballard on steel and electric guitars. Larry Knechtel on keyboards. Cheryl Jewell provided background vocals on B Train. All songs are written by Mike Mulder. Mastered by Jerry Merrill, Los Angeles, CA. Photography by Jeff Emtman. Graphic Design by Scott Rickey. Printed, pressed and packaged by Oasis Disc Manufacturing. Management by Butch Zaccheo.


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Song List

  • Memphis Rain
  • Burning City
  • Fifteen Sermons
  • I’m a Dream
  • Cover Me
  • Walk in the Moonlight
  • Jolly Beggar Blues
  • Fallen Angels
  • B Train

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October 17, 2009