Mike Mulder’s Human Nature

About the Album

This is Mulder’s first solo record. It represents a mix of genres.

Honey Pie was a throwback to the Jesus music that shaped Mulder early on. The song is sung from the point of view of David, Mulder’s step-daughter’s first boyfriend. Brooke was to take a ride with David on his crotch rocket one sunny afternoon. He pulled up to a house and Brooke hopped on behind him, ready to take off.  At the same time, a car pulled up with a little boy in it who Brooke had been babysitting. She hopped off to spend a little time with the young boy and so David drove off. A few minutes later, David dropped his bike in an intersection, slid under an SUV which hadn’t noticed that he was still under the vehicle, and he was dragged down the street until he was barely recognizable. He died a few hours later at the hospital.

Mulder wrote the song to assuage her pain. It was written from the point of view of David, to encourage Brooke to move on and find love again. The song Streams of Shiloah feature lead guitarist Scotty who was a part of the band Idle Eyes when Lady Diana visited Vancouver. The band had the opportunity to serenade her and had received a Juno award for Tokyo Rose. It was managed by Bruce Allen of Brian Adams’ fame.  Scotty’s solo in Streams of Shiloah made the song so powerful and moving that Scotty wept when he heard the playback. Scotty passed away from cancer a few years later. Mulder feels lucky to have his talent on his song.

Even as the genres shift from song to song, the continuity of spirit is woven throughout. Mulder has always leaned heavily on the lyric of the song. As long as he has something to say, any genre would work.  And, Human Nature is eclectic, to say the least.


Mike Mulder–Vocals and acoustic guitar, electric guitar on “Honey Pie” and “Streams of Shiloah”. Phil Robertson–Keyboards, bass, and string arrangements, drums, percussion, and backing vocals. Scotty Hall–Electric guitars on “Streams of Shiloah” and “Eyes of Charity”. Robbie Steininger–Electric guitars on “Wanna Dance All Night” and “Human Nature”. Steve Soucy–Piano on “Human Nature” and “Looking for the Sun”. JT Platt–saxophone on “Grand Dance of Love”. Steve Hilliam–Saxophone on “Eyes of Charity”. Sandra Lake–Vocals on “Eyes of Charity”.

Produced by Phil Robertson for Fluid Productions. Recorded and mixed by Phil Robertson at the Crawlspace, Vancouver, Canada. Mastering by Dwayne Harder. Cover design by Strobelight. “Honey Pie” is dedicated to the memory of David Williams.


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Song List

  • Honey Pie
  • Human Nature
  • Looking for the Sun
  • Eyes of Charity
  • Streams of Shiloah
  • New Orleans Tonight
  • Wanna Dance All Night
  • Shame
  • Bitchweed
  • Grand Dance of Love

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May 7, 2005