Mike Mulder’s Memphis Rain

About the Album

Local band, Memphis Rain needed a front man, a songwriter, an original music guy. Mike Mulder fit this need. Together, they jammed once a week practicing in a warehouse space that Mike managed. Eventually, they did some shows, just because they loved playing music.

As time went by, the band found its sound–Chip Westerfield as the producer, Brad Chrysler on keyboards, Dave Bulger on bass and harmonies, Mike Gallagher was our first drummer, followed by Scott Brown Davis (Scooter) and then Bill Whitaker. Eventually, Gary Ballard came up from Seattle every week. And, that’s when it got expensive and more serious.

As the band’s sound was refined, the group’s ambition set in, at least for Mike, probably because he never could shake the experience he had in his twenties of being on the road night after night, performing on his own for appreciative audiences!

The guys were talented, Chip was splendid as a producer, and “A Little Bit Closer” ended up being a respectable representation of five fun-filled years from a creative pack of guys. They laughed hard at Gary’s and Bill’s jokes, enjoyed feeling the music, and might have even carried on a bit more, but Mike’s dad died and he was left feeling flattened so they all went their separate ways. Until that is, the old songwriting urge resurfaced in Mike and the opportunity came to go into Paul Allen’s studio in Seattle and it was time to reach for the stars once again!


Mike Mulder–Vocals and guitar. Dave Bulger–Vocals and Bass. Brad Chrysler–Keyboards. Scott Brown Davis (Scooter)–Drums. Additional Musicians: Kevin Cowden–Piano on “Little White Lines.” Chip Westerfield–Additional Keyboards and guitars. Songs are written by Mike Mulder and registered with SOCAN ©2015 All Rights Reserved.


Song List

  • Finding Our Way Back Again
  • A Little Bit Closer
  • My Dilemma
  • Power
  • Wild Roses
  • You Are So Beautiful
  • Little White Lines
  • Shame
  • Money Man
  • She Will Rise

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August 21, 2015